Max Shishlyannikov is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AlphaRock Holding Company, LLC.

Prior to founding AlphaRock Holding, Mr. Shishlyannikov was a Chief Investment Officer of Orbis Asset Management, LLC. – a company aimed to provide attractive risk return opportunities to investors in the lending space.

Mr. Shishlyannikov also served as Chief Executive Officer of George Washington Lending, Inc. – a company engaged in providing private financing opportunities to the real estate developers. George Washington Lending, Inc. funded more then 300 re-development projects in California, Nevada, and New Jersey and currently managing loan portfolio totaling over $70 million.

Max Shishlyannikov was also a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ATM Financial, Inc. Mr. Shishlyannikov demonstrated ability to start and grow a new company. Within 2 years of its operation ATM Financial, Inc. has been transformed from a small town mortgage company to a full service mortgage organization with offices in Oakdale, Pleasanton, Sacramento, and San Francisco. ATM Financial, Inc. was able to deliver to the clients a full range of mortgage products through 78 mortgage professionals.

Prior to co-founding ATM Financial, Inc., Mr. Shishlyannikov worked at a Moscow based investment banking partnership Bonus Financial Management. Serving as a head of Fixed Income Department, Max has increased partnership revenues by 120% and within a year was promoted to a position of CFO and made a partner. Two years later he was put in charge of extending Bonus Financial Management operations to the United States. Max has formed and managed ELPOINT, LLC – Bonus Financial Management subsidiary in San Francisco. As a General Partner of ELPOINT, Max has raised more than $150 million as VC capital and participated in two reverse mergers of Russian chemical companies with US shell companies.

Max Shishlyannikov received his MBA and BS in Accounting and Finance from State Financial Academy of Moscow, as well as BA in Philosophy from Moscow State University.