John Picard is a visionary and design innovator who understood the “internet of things” long before connectivity became the driver that it is today. Celebrated for his keen understanding of the innovative principles of natural systems designs, John connects visionary thinking with emerging technologies to drive successful projects for corporations, commercial buildings, college campuses, and even entire towns.

Amongst his many noteworthy design projects are the City Center Hotel Las Vegas; the elegant Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii (the first greening of a world-renowned resort); and a 20-million-square-foot mixed-use development called Atlantic Station in Atlanta. He also conceived and built out the first LEED Platinum private jet facility called Hangar 25 in Burbank, California.

One of John’s most personal and profound experiences has been with Interface, Inc., the company founded by Ray Anderson, who was inspired by John’s sea changing question, “what is Interface doing for the environment?” John was an integral part of the team that helped the petroleum-dependent company imagine a future without oil and chart a course towards it.
Today John is working in Silicon Valley, with seven companies who have a fierce dedication to engineering and prototyping. He is connecting them together so that the skin, security, energy, water, controls, mechanical, lighting and building occupants are all talking together in real time — buildings that are sensate, adaptive, regenerative, cost effective, and healthy. The more a system is connected to itself, whether an economic system or immune system, the healthier it is. The same holds true for buildings. John’s work rests upon a comprehensive systemic understanding that unlocks the connective power of people and technologies to transform the built environment, and everything around it. He is designing the connectivity of things with very specific applications to every company and industry.
Author and environmentalist Paul Hawken has said of John’s prowess: “It is fresh and new, joy and enthusiasm combined with a wicked grasp of current and past technologies, strategies and opportunities.”

A highly popular and much sought-after speaker, this passionate surfer, diver and world traveler balances his consulting work as President of John Picard & Associates with personal appearances, advancing ideas that promote innovation and sustainable solutions in every sector of the new economy.